CD8 Signature CD Player is the latest version of the METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE CD Player series , has inherited of the most recent developments and improvements performed by METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE with a very high level of quality achievement. It is available in a solid state version (CD 8 Signature and in a tube version (CD 8 Signature Tube), both available in aluminium Silver or Black finishings.

Main Highlights and Design Features
The Philips CDM 12 Pro 2 metal chassis has been significantly customized by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE and provides a stable foundation to very accurately capture the signal.

The Delrin clamp and the proprietary shaft designed by METRONOME
TECHNOLGIE permit a better stability of the CD and consequently to reproduce the best possible sound with a low jitter.

Continuous ground link from the disc surface to the electrical earth permits the dissipation of static electricity for better working conditions for electronic and
optical components.

The power supply with individual power transformers and completely independent regulation lines for each critical part of the transport - display, servo mechanism, motor, digital output stage - provides an inter-stage EMI/RFI radiation protection and insures a dynamic analog-like sound quality.

  • Pick up mechanism: Philips CDM12 PRO 2 v 6.8 with METRONOME TECHNOLGIE proprietary modifications and new Delrin clamp
  • DAC Resolution: Dual 24 bit/192 kHz bitstream technology allowing 120dB of signal to noise ratio at the converter
  • Analog stage line: Frequency bandwidth: 10Hz - 25 kHz +/- 0,1dB Specific Solid state stage chosen for its amazing audio quality
  • Digital Input: USB asynchronous type B allowing direct connection with a computer (PC and Mac) and accepting high resolution signals such as HD-Master (24bit/192kHz)
  • Digital Output: S/PDIF 75 Ohms RCA connector 16bit/44.1kHz
  • Analog Outputs: Unbalanced 2.5V RMS @0dB - 47K Ohms- RCA connectors Balanced 2.5V RMS @0dB - 600 Ohms- XLR connectors
  • Power supply: EMI rejection by Schaffner filters. 3 main high quality toroidal transformers and 7 separate and independent regulation lines
  • Accessories: Metronome remote control One set of Delrin cones (3 units magnetizable)
  • Voltage: 100 V or 120/240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 40VA
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 450 x 115 x 435 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Colour: Full silver or full black